Dua for love back – Powerful dua for lost love

Dua for love back

Do you ever think that one simple Dua for love back can bring your love back to you. There are so much different types of dua in islam. That can help you in different ways. But its compulsary to find the effective one. So now we gonna give you a very easy, short and powerful dua according to islam.

These dua for love back was being so helpful for you. We gives you duas according to islam from a pak and halal way. This is most powerful dua for love or lover back and the dua gives you result and makes your life happy.  People have so much question about dua for love back. Do u have any question like:-

  1. Which effective dua is helpful to you for love back?
  2. Can I get back my love in less time ?
  3. Dua for love back are really helpful ?
  4. Is this any side effect of dua for love back ?
  5. Is this dua helpful to bring lover back ?

If you have any questions like this then we will give you the right answer according islam. We can understand you pain of broken heart and lost your lover. Allah gives you the right way to get your lover back according islamic way. That dua will be really helpful for you and bring back your lost love or lover to you.  True love is not that much easy and that also very difficult to maintain the love in that relationship and that’s the reason of break up and end the relationship. That’s y its very important to make and maintence the love in that relationship.


Most of people can not understand the signs of real love. First they did not care of their lover or their boyfriend and girlfriend but when break up happens.  Then they realise that they did a big mistake and then the depression starts when they missing their partner or lover.

If you are also one of them. Now we can give you the real and effective solution for bring back your lost love. Powerful dua for lost love back will help you to bring back lost love.  Everyone wants a powerful dua for lost love back  and because allah only can help you. So now don’t waste your time and get back your lost love from this powerful dua. Dua will help you and dua have so much powers to bring someone back in a less time. 

We see that so many people are sad today because of their lost love. They miss their lover all the time and they can not do any work and never be happy. So try to understand the dua rules and believe in the value of dua because that’s the proper pak way to fulfil your all wishes.

How to perform the dua for love back:-

  1. You should perform that dua after magrib namaz.
  2. Read that in the wuzu halaat.
  3. Be asure that your body and clothes are clean.
  4. First read durood shareef 3 times.
  5. Then read “ ya wadoodoo ya rufoo ya raheemo” 150 times.
  6. When you read this dua you should imagine that your lover is front of your eyes.
  7. Believe in that dua that it will bring back your lost love in 3-5 days.

Islamic dua for lover back:-

Now we hope you understood all the rules of reading this amazing dua. Once allah hear your prayer then you will bring him or her back permanently for lifetime. So its very important that you should read this dua with bottom of your heart. Islamic dua will helps you to bring back your lost love if you have a strong faith in this.

Dua is a genuine way to bring our true lover back in ur life.  True love is an awesome experince and everyone need true love from their boyfriend or girlfriend. But almost people can not be successful to maintain that true love. So its very important o maintain that true and real love all the time in a relationship of love. So much people complains that their lover did not love them like before and there was so much dispute in their relationship.

 Islamic dua for lover back will make much love in both of you. After perform that dua you can feel that this dua gives a positive turn in your relationship. Because dua have the powers of allah’s blessings. Dua is the way to send a direct message to allah.  With help of this islamic dua you will defenatly get your love back.


Dua for get back lost love is a good islamic way to get back true lover. No matter if you broke up with a big dispute or now she or he did not want to see your face. And you have fear in your heart that he will reject you or she will don’t love you more. So now you should not focus on these things you should just focus on this powerful dua for get back lost love.

Your every relationship problems will be end by this dua. Not only old generation, a big part of new generation also get very effective result from this dua. There are so many duas and wazifas on internet but they won’t give result. But from the dua that we give you from the quranic way it’s a tested dua. So many people get their lost love back from this helpful dua. People who was very sad and in a big tension because of love problem.

Fall in love with someone and get the true love from someone is the best gifts from allah so did not waste them. You are lucky if you have a real and true love and be thankful to allah. If you have a wonderful and true lover in your past but he or she is not with you. Do not worrey. Just keep faith in allah taalah and do dua for get back lost love. You will get a permanent success to bring that person back in your life.

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