Dua for Husband to Listen Wife

By | March 14, 2021
Powerful dua for husband to listen wife

Aslam walekum today i tell you Powerful dua for husband to listen wife – If you are married and your husband is not listen to you. He is not caring you like before. Never giving any attention to you. You being very sad and have a big depression because of your husband’s behaviour. 

So now you will get a defenatly solution of all problem that you faced because of your husband. When you read this amazing dua you can feel the good changes in your husband. While you read this dua, keep faith in your heart that allah will hear all your prayer and fulfill your all wishes.

For having a successful married life this dua was really been helpful for you. Its giving you a positive result in your husband’s love. Every husband and wife have dispute in their relationship but they can’t live without each other. But sometimes husbands do not care their wifes. They been so rude and angry all the time.

Then wifes been so sad and crying all the time because of their husband’s these type of behaviour. Wifes try everything that her husband be normal again. Because every wife wants that his husband should be very humble with her and giving true love to her from the bottom of his heart. But because of some missunderstanding and disputes the love ends and problem starts.

So dua for husband listen to wife can help you and make your husband listen your talks and you will get proper respect and love from him.


There was so much ways in islam to make a relationship good and lovely. Islamic dua for husband listen to wife is one of them. Dua for husband listen to wife and get love from husband is such a powerful and good way to make every husband obiedent. Islamic dua have the power to change your husband’s mind and make him good.

Every husband and wife have small fights in their relationships but sometimes the husband get very angry and he don’t talk with wife and disrespect her. This is the reason behind every wife’s sadness and depression. Wedding is a relationship of trust, love and respect of each other.

Sometimes because of a small missunderstanding the relationship will ends. Then after this your husband will ignore and not giving any attention to you. Then you feel very embarrassing. Some muslim countries are male dominating countries.

They thinks that environment and every relationship going to according male’s thinking. That’s why ladies faced so much difficulties in their realtionships. In those countries people does not give proper respect and attention to females. Ladies and girls don’t have so much liberty.

If you also have this bad situation that your husband does not listen your words. He did not give proper attention to you. He did not loves you anymore.

Dua to make your husband love you

So now allah gives you right way to make your husband loves you. This dua have the ruhani powers, its been so much powerful to show effect in husband and wife’s relationship. This Dua to make your husband love you have the qurani ayats and that’s been so amazing in shohar and wife’s relationship. Do that dua at your home and keep faith in your mind for allah that allah’s powers helps you and make your marriage relationship very fantastic.

Read this “Darood E-Ibraahim” wazaif eleven times.

Recite that (Ya Waaliyo) dua one thousand times for five days.

Our muslim men have a bad thinking in their mind that they can’t do anything wrong means whatever they do everything was fine. They have a attitude that his wife will follow his all rules, give them what they demands and do everything what they want, that’s the thing that every husband wants from his wife.

But they don’t focus on their own behaviour. They did not care that what a wife need from husband. She also have some feelings. She also wants happiness. Every wife wants that his husband should loves her, take care of her and live happily with her. That’s the simple and small wishes that every wife have. But their husband can not complete their these small wishes only.

Wazifa to make husband crazy in love

So if you are also one of them wifes who did not get anything good from their husband. Then its time to change his mind and make him giving you everything that you need. From this powerful Wazifa to make husband crazy in love you can remove his bad activities and make him honest in your love. Our molana sahab can give you the proper solution of your all problems.

If your husband have a extra affair with any other girl or lady and he did not give any love or attention to you then our molana sahab can give you the better solution of your husband related problems. So now keep patience and talk to our molana sahab they will give you quick solution of your husband related problems. molana shahab will break down his ego and make him a gentle man.

After getting solution from molana sahab you can feel the changes in your husband in just few hours. This islamic dua is really effective result. Our molana sahab make this dua for married ladies who are not happy with their married life. This dua have the power to change your husband’s mind. He can not live without you and being crazy in your love after perform this dua.

To all our sisters, we want to give you this dua as a gift. You will be very thankful to us after get the amazing result of this dua. Your husband suddenly changes into good and humble. He have also good feelings for you when you perform this dua.

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